Chiropractic Defined

Chiropractic Defined

Chiropractic is a Philosophy, Science, and Art of things Natural; a system of adjusting the articulations of the spinal column, by hand only, for the correction of the cause of dis-ease.

The adult spinal column consists of the 24 freely movable bone segments, called vertebrae, together with the sacrum and coccyx. Al the great nerve trunks emit thru the opening between these vertebrae which openings are known as the intervertebral foramina. The vital nerve force within man is carried by these nerve trunks from the brain to the various organs, muscles, and tissues of the body.

For every effect you must have a cause, that is a fundamental law of physics. If a person is ill, then the condition of disease, regardless of the name applied to it, is in fact an effect for which there must be a cause.

The Chiropractic premise is that the cause of disease is due to subluxation of vertebrae, which produce pressure upon the nerve trunks and thus interfere with the normal transmission of vital nerve force.

The Chiropractic objective is to locate the point in the spine where nerve pressure exists, due to a vertebral subluxation, and, thru proper adjustment by hand, to restore the subluxated vertebra to its normal position, thus releasing the pressure on the nerves involved and thereby removing the cause of dis-ease in the body. Renewed health is the natural result.