In 1976, Diane received her BA in Psychology from Rutgers University, in New Jersey.  In 1981, she began doing Swedish Massage.  In 1997, she joined Dr. Mark Fullerton and 109 South Main. 

Massage therapy is offered for occasions such as automobile accident / injury rehabilitation, relaxation, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis.

109 South Main offers a full line of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy at each session.

Diane’s philosophy is centered on whole-body health through massage and education. Your massage therapy session is your body’s “tune-up”. If your body is in pain or is sick, massage accelerates the healing process. If you are in good health, massage will promote your wellness by increasing physical awareness.

One of the major attributes of massage is that it allows you to experience the way your body could and should feel.  Once complete relaxation is felt, the standard is established that can be referenced when tension or body aches occur.

By focusing on yourself and what you are feeling during your massage therapy session, the outside world and stressful activities are momentarily forgotten. The end results are a state of true relaxation and a breaking of the stress cycle.